About us

Our story

The SmartChalk story started in the Summer of 2014 during the last round of a burner WOD in Austin, TX.  We were heading to the chalk bucket one last time and when we bent over to chalk up, the sweat was rolling off our face and bodies as if we were standing in the shower.  All of that sweat was going directly into the chalk bucket. This had happened countless times before, but this time was different as something clicked in our heads.  At that moment we realized there was a dirty little secret in the bucket that needed to be told.

The dirty little secret.

We were already using a chalk that was anti-bacterial, but the idea that there were ripped and bloody hands going into the chalk bucket over and over again just didn’t sit well with us. We kept having to throw away bucket after bucket of chalk.  The truth is:

A community chalk bucket is unsanitary.

The idea hit us.

We needed something that was individual to the athlete. Something that wasn’t shared. Sharing sneezes, mucus, phlegm and blood through a community chalk bucket can cause countless health issues and can be completely counterproductive to why we are exercising in the first place. And it doesn’t stop there.

We take all those unwanted germs and bacteria home to our families.

We call it iCHALK.

A personal mini chalk bucket that's easy to use and clean. It’s purpose is to provide a sanitary way to keep chalk in the gym and keep infection down. And it works. Chalk pours out of the container and doesn’t require you reaching into a contaminated community bucket.  

  • Prevents you from contracting germs and other transmittable infections in shared chalk
  • Keeps your chalk free of community contamination
  • Sticks onto any metal surface to keep it out of the way of your workouts
  • Stays convenient enough to reach for the next set
  • Less chalk spillage = spending less money on chalk
  • Used with SmartChalk Anti-Bacterial Chalk

The best chalk is SmartCHALK.

In order to make the iCHALK work, we needed a fine powder chalk that would not get hung up in the dispenser and would be evenly applied to the hands. We discovered a USA manufacturer of cosmetic and food grade chalk who could meet our standards and our budget.

Our supplier creates 99.99% pure Magnesium Carbonate, which our customers love - some have even given away their previously favorite chalk and sworn allegiance with SmartCHALK.  Why use SmartCHALK?

It’s clean. It’s innovative. It’s smart.

Welcome to SmartCHALK.